Sultanat Of Rum Dirham Sterling Silver Necklace (MZA036) –

Sultanat Of Rum Dirham Sterling Silver Necklace (MZA036)

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Are you a coin collector? or do you know someone who's has a passion for pennies. This Necklace is a direct replica of the Sultanat Of Rum Dirham coin, with details of the sun, script and lion.

The pendant, as shown in the images has a front and back meaning it can be worn whichever way you like.

The coin itself stems back to the 1200s from the Seljuq Dynasty. Now, with this amazing gift and some background knowledge, you can 'wow' them with your interest in their hobby!

ll of our jewellery comes complete with a gift box and blank gift card for you to write a short message on.

Made from:

Sterling Silver.


20mm x 20mm.