Sterling Silver Virgo Star Sign Necklace (MS1196S) –

Sterling Silver Virgo Star Sign Necklace (MS1196S)

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Virgo, the healer of the Zodiac. With their organisation skills and joy of giving everything a place and a home, they have a high level of attention to detail.

Are you one of the most analytical of the star signs? or looking to gift a friend who would jump at the chance to plan your surprise party? This beautiful Star Sign Necklace is the perfect way to say thank you for all those times you nearly forgot a date to remember or just to add to that pre-planned outfit that needed an extra sparkle.

Born between August 23 - September 22.

Element: Earth.

Offering this Necklace with 3 options; Sterling Silver, Rose gold and gold Plated, we have something for every skin tone.

Made from:

Sterling Silver.

Dimensions of pendant:

15mm x 15mm.