Sterling Silver Raptor Claw Necklace (MA41P) –

Sterling Silver Raptor Claw Necklace (MA41P)

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Our Fantastically detailed Sterling Silver Raptor Claw necklace is the perfect Sterling Silver necklace for lovers of dinosaurs everywhere.

One of the most famous stars of the Cretaceous period the Raptor has captured the imagination of Dino fans worldwide.

Native to Mongolia and dating back 75 million years the Raptor is known for its claws and predatory nature. In fact the most famous fossil to date has a Raptor locked in deadly twilight combat with it's nemesis, Protoceratops. Alas, the outcome will never be known as both perished during battle when they were mysteriously swallowed by the sand.

Our claw pendant, designed by Gexist in the UK, is the perfect necklace to symbolise this legendary creatures power.

All Gexist jewellery is presented in a gift box.

Overall pendant length 2.4cm. Maximum width 0.8cm.