Sterling Silver Gemini Star Sign Necklace (MS1200S) –

Sterling Silver Gemini Star Sign Necklace (MS1200S)

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Gemini, the best at adapting to situations and environments out of the zodiac. With their natural talent of multi tasking and their energy, they are forever young.

Are you a Gemini juggling all of the tasks at hand or looking to gift one who has bought that bouncy energy to your life? This beautiful Gemini necklace is a great way to celebrate their ora or just to take a step back for yourself and slow down!

Born between May 21st - June 21st.

Element: Air.

Offering this Necklace with 3 options; Sterling Silver, Rose gold and gold Plated, we have something for every skin tone.

Made from:

Sterling Silver.

Dimensions of pendant:

15mm x 15mm.