Sterling Silver Ammonite Necklace (MA40P) –

Sterling Silver Ammonite Necklace (MA40P)

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Our fantastic Sterling Silver Ammonite Necklace, 200 million years in the making, available today! A Sterling Silver necklace designed in the UK by Gexist.

The Ammonite is probably the best known fossil of all and have been used by experts to date other significant fossil finds.

The Ammonite first appeared an incredible 240 million years ago an was still going strong right up to the "extinction event" 65 million years ago.

These predatory squid like creatures grew coil shaped shells, some growing to over a meter in diameter, lived in schools and propelled themselves using jets of water.

A true survivor amongst its kind and now captured in amazing detail in our Sterling Silver pendant necklace.

All Gexist jewellery is presented in a gift box.

Diameter 1.8cm.