Rose Gold Leo Star Sign Necklace (MS1208RG) –

Rose Gold Leo Star Sign Necklace (MS1208RG)

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Leo, the Zodiac that loves to be the star of the show. A passionate and Talented sign with so many things they have to offer, they are givers of kindness and love.

Are you a social Leo who wants to show yourself some of the kindness you show others? or are you giving back to a Leo that seems to always be showering you with affection? Either way, the Star Sign Necklace is a great way to

Born between July 23rd - August 22nd.

Element: Fire.

Offering this Necklace with 3 options; Sterling Silver, Rose gold and gold Plated, we have something for every skin tone.

Made from:

Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver.

Dimensions of pendant:

15mm x 15mm.