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Customisable Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Sterling Silver Bracelet (BG-9007). Collection of Swiss ethno bracelets in "made in Italy" leather, supplier of a major Italian brand. This leather is dyed only from vegetable material and manufactured using modern technology found today in the tradition of the art of tanning. Gexist based on the quality of the work of these leathers useful for our production. These bracelets are designed in various skin colours and adorned with an original clasp reminiscent of our Swiss Edelweiss line. Worn, this bracelet becomes more and more beautiful and over time acquires a very beautiful vintage look.

You can add elements to your order to embellish your bracelet. Here is the page of our elements.

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  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Brown/White Leather 220x10mm
  • Edelweiss Clasp
  • Black rhodium
  • Bicolor 1 micron, 18 carats yellow gold


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